Corporate Participation

As a concerned organization for the safety and recovery of missing children, we urge you to take a moment and find out how you can participate in making this unpredictable world safer for our most precious asset -- our children.

Our aim is to take away the chilling words that we have all heard too often lately, "CHILD FOUND MISSING" and quickly convert them to the joyous "MISSING CHILD FOUND." Trying times are placing extraordinary stress on each of us and some evidence of that pressure can be counted by the more than 800,000 persons that are reported missing every year. Of greatest concern, abductions by a stranger are the most terrifying of crimes requiring the immediate attention of an entire community for a positive outcome to be achieved.

CodeAmber News Service has dedicated the past 7 years providing real time information to millions and is now the largest broadcaster of Internet-based Amber Alerts, but we still need your help. With budget cuts and rising crime, law enforcement can use all the assistance it can get from the private sector.

Working together we can extend the view of our protectors by putting more "smart eyes on the street." CodeAmber Alerts reach over 800,000 unique local, state, national and international daily viewers with information that can directly aid law enforcement efforts for the recovery of a missing person. CodeAmber's extensive reach is multiplied more than 10 million times during any month... delivering a frequency of 1.8 Billion informed views... incident or not. The more "smart eyes" on the streets, the greater the chance for a safe and quick recovery. With your assistance we can deploy more technology expand our reach and make a difference.

Find out how you can touch nearly everyone in a community, the state and even the country.

Contact us to learn more about the positive impact your sponsorship of our alert news feed can have on assisting law enforcement and victims, while showing the community-consumers and businesses, the social commitment of your brand and values.

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Thank you for your continued efforts and support on the behalf of the CodeAmber News Service staff.
"I proudly display the Code Amber NEWS SERVICE FEED on my official web site for one reason. There is no more important thing we can do as a society than look out for each other's children.
See the video.

As a long time crime reporter I've interviewed too many police officers stymied in their search for a missing child, I've looked at the sorrow in too many parent's faces and I've covered too many memorials for missing children who were never located.

Pay attention to the Amber Alerts in your area! If you see an unfamiliar child in your neighborhood or a child in distress stop and engage that child. You'd want a caring adult to do that for your missing loved one wouldn't you?"

Diane Dimond

Diane Dimond appeared on the CNN Headline News program "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" on Friday, March 27th to speak on the subject of missing children and how these cases have changed how society deals with and regards the problem. Diane told the national audience about the critical importance of displaying the CodeAmber News Feed at